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Cork is a very environmentally conscience product and it can also improve your health and comfort for indoor living. In our homes, Cork floors create a warm, comfortable, resilient surface that is gentle underfoot, is anti-microbial, will not spread flame, and is inherently resistant to molds, mildews, and common pests. From harvest to production to installation, cork is environmentally sustainable, non-toxic, and healthy.


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We are now carrying 6 colors/patterns of Cork in Stock!

Our selection of Wicanders Seville Series Cork will help transform your kitchen, bathroom or any room into a great looking space!  The 10 year warranty offered with this product helps ensure confidence in the brand and with it already in stock, you can have a brand new room completed in just a weekend.

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The History of Corkcork_tree

The use of cork as a raw material dates back to Phoenician and Greek times. Cork began to become known all over the world as an effective bottle stopper for wine. In fact, cork is the only material that makes a perfect seal during the aging of the wine.

Maintenance Do’s


Wipe spills away immediately

Sweep/vacuum floors regularly

Use a mild wood floor detergent

For heavy spills use only a cork wood specific detergent

Cover entry areas with mats or coverings

Maintenance Dont’s


Wet mops are terrible for cork flooring

Do not let excessive water stand on cork flooring

Do not use abrasive soaps, ammonia-based products, oils or waxes

Don’t use mats with rubber or other non-porous backings; they trap moisture

It is not recommended to use cork  in highly humid areas due to moisture